A prayer for soldiers

Bringing a spiritual perspective to daily life

The Christian Science Monitor is convinced that prayer is a vital support to soldiers from all nations serving the cause of peace. Here is one prayer:

Almighty God,

Help these brave men and women feel Your love surrounding them constantly; Your wisdom with them everywhere. You are all-seeing Mind. Guide their every step, every action. Give them courage, and the understanding that all power belongs to You.

You are the supreme Principle of all that is right. Those who unselfishly serve a just cause serve You. They are Your representatives, the tangible evidence of Your universal government. Revenge has no hold on them. They serve only Your purpose of justice and mercy. You protect and sustain them because You are their very cause, their Life and their substance.

You are almighty Love. Your will is total unity throughout Your creation. There is no power to oppose Your will. Help these soldiers hold guard over these truths: that there is no competition for dominance in Your indivisible kingdom; that there can be no strife between children of the same all-loving Parent, ideas of the one Principle. You establish the spirit of peace and love in all hearts.

You are gracious Spirit. Help soldiers everywhere be a force for peace only. "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God" (Matt. 5:9). The love of peace is innate in every child of God. There is no opposite influence to pervert it to revenge or rivalry. You are the divine Love that governs the thoughts and motives of all God's children, and nothing can make them forget their true nature.

Thank you, Father-Mother God, that no one can leave home. Home is being with You. Home is living and moving in Your love. Help those in Your service to be brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, to anyone they are with today. Let them contribute strength and encouragement wherever they are. Help them care for others. Let them feel support and joy in the fellowship they share right now.

Unchanging Love, sustain every soldier's family through trust in You. There is no fear or loneliness in the light of Your presence. A father's strength, a mother's comfort, a husband's constancy, a wife's care, a son's vitality, a daughter's joy, are expressions of Your fullness that is always here. Help all families feel the security of these treasures even more, because they see You as their source.

"The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long ..." (Deut. 33:12).

Giver and sustainer of all life, You keep Your servants safe as Your reflection. They are not then in harm's way, and they can then do no harm. You preserve all that You have made, and You have made only good. Whatever isn't good is a lie, a pretender to life and power. Evil has no life because it has no part in You. It destroys itself because it cannot exist in the brightness of Your truth.

Dear God, lift us all to perceive that we are all in Your kingdom. There are no horrors of hate, death, war, there. Just one family of immortal ideas, governed by Love, reflecting Love, living Love.


The Monitor's founder wrote a message of encouragement to her friends that expresses well our sentiments toward those in service on their mission of peacekeeping:

"How blessed it is to think of you as 'beneath the shadow of a great rock in a weary land,' safe in His strength, building on His foundation, and covered from the devourer by divine protection and affection. Always bear in mind that His presence, power, and peace meet all human needs and reflect all bliss."

Mary Baker Eddy

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