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What: A place to get the best online deals on cell phones, accessories, and service plans in your area.

The best parts: helps make sense of the hundreds of wireless service plans out there.

Want to avoid signing a long-term contract or paying a cancellation fee? Then click on the "service plan locator" and pick a city. Answer how much you want to spend, number of minutes per month you'll talk, and what calling plans interest you. Then a list of options and descriptions pops

up. To find the right phone, browse the showroom or search for specific makes and models.

Click on the "Tips & Tricks" section to learn about phone insurance or making international calls.

What you should know: With more than 3,000 service plans, 200 phones, and 1,000 accessories to pick from, the site is one of the most comprehensive. Wireless plans span the top 50 US metro areas. If you decide to buy, you'll have to provide credit-card information over the Internet, but the transaction is secure.

How to get there: Call up the Work & Money site and let us connect you:

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