Ways to get workers to stay

Wanna know the trick to luring and keeping talented workers? Have managers that know how to build trust and loyalty in their employees.

That's the finding of Caela Farren, president of MasteryWorks Inc., an Annandale, Va., education firm. After talking with thousands of Fortune 1000 executives she says managers need to do the following to increase employee commitment:

Appreciate uniqueness. Genuinely value employee individuality and help create work environments in sync with their talents, interests, and personal lives.

Assess capability. Recognize the potential of workers and communicate with them about their team play and individual performance. Encourage them to branch out and rely on people both inside and outside their companies.

Align aspirations. Realize that changes in family, technology, and organization strategies may alter goals and aspirations of workers. Harness employee ambitions and passions to the company mission.

Accelerate learning. Encourage workers to learn new skills. Help them realize that they must constantly build knowledge and competence or risk obsolescence.

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