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HERE, SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!! As many celebrities do, singing star Waylon Jennings grew weary of tourists stopping in front of his Nashville, Tenn., home to gawk and take pictures. Weary enough, in fact, that he decided to meet the situation head-on. So, with a friend's help, he lay in wait last Saturday as tour buses full of country-music fans arrived at his driveway. Using disposable cameras, the two chased them, clicking away as the visitors stared back in disbelief.


Across town, custodian William Zachary had an even ruder surprise as he flipped on the auditorium lights at Martin Luther King School, now closed for the summer. Stretched out on stage, staring at him, was a four-foot python. The snake, named Hume, had escaped from a classroom terrarium last July and disappeared. It was recaptured and taken home by a teacher. But it's a good guess that Hume was loose in the school for a full academic year without anyone knowing.

Ranking the 'most indulgent' cities in the US and abroad

Paris and Las Vegas took top honors in a recent survey of "most indulgent" destinations. Opinion Research Corporation conducted the poll of more than 1,000 US adults in February for the ice cream manufacturer Haagen-Dazs. What indulgences did the respondents say they most looked forward to? Thirty-two percent put visiting local attractions at the top of the list, followed by dining at exotic new restaurants (18 percent). The five most indulgent US and foreign cities and the percentage of respondents naming each No. 1:

US cities

Las Vegas 32%

New Orleans 12%

New York 12%

San Francisco 12%

Los Angeles 11%

Other cities

Paris 36%

Amsterdam 5%

London 5%

Rome 2%

Rio de Janeiro 2%

- PR Newswire

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