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CALLING ALL NINTENDO MAJORS ATTENTION COLLEGE SENIORS: You say commencement has finally arrived and you still have no job offers? Maybe there's hope for you yet ... especially if you spent more time in game arcades than in lecture halls. But you'd need to relocate. It seems the New Zealand government is having a tough time policing violence and sex in imported video games because its censors are able to get only so far in previewing them. One solution under consideration: hiring experienced joystick jockeys to play the top levels while the censors look on, so the games can be assigned ratings as required by law.

Where they are now: key players in Tiananmen protest China's Communist leaders have taken precautions to prevent any public memorial Friday to the 10th anniversary of the crushing of the 1989 democracy protest in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. But almost none of the protest leaders are still there to rally around. In fact, only one is known to live in the capital today. The main players, their roles at the time, and their current whereabouts:

Wang Dan, a senior dissident leader - in exile in the US

Wang Youcai, one of 21 "most wanted" student leaders - in prison for second time for continued pro-democracy activities

Wuer Kaixi, dared to argue with Premier Li Peng on TV - radio show host in Taiwan

Chai Ling, Wuer Kaixi's successor as a student leader - graduate student at Harvard

Chen Ziming, partner in the "think tank" behind the protests - in exile in the US

Wang Juntao, partner in "think tank" with Chen Ziming - whereabouts unknown

Hou Dejian, negotiated safe passage from Tiananmen for final group of student protesters - deported to Taiwan

Cui Jian, wrote the anthem of the pro-democracy movement - is allowed to perform only in small clubs in Beijing

Han Dongfang, formed China's first independent labor union during the protest - radio show host in Hong Kong

- Reuters

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