A radio sampler

For $39.99, Radio Shack sells a Personal FM Transceiver with two channels and no privacy codes, or "sub channels." This means interference is more likely. Range: one mile.

For $89.99, Motorola's basic Talkabout has 14 channels, 38 privacy codes. Range: two miles. One model includes a back-lit LCD channel display.

For $149.95, the Kenwood UBZ-LF14 comes with 14 channels, 38 privacy codes. It has a scrambler, which gives users additional privacy. Range: two miles.

For $154.99, Motorola's Talkabout 280 SLK is smaller and weighs less than its other models. It also has a call feature that alerts the user when a call comes in. Range: two miles.

For $292, Kenwood FreeTalk XL is larger and heavier than other radios, but fully weatherized. It includes a rechargeable battery. Range: two to four miles.

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