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HE DIDNT! OH YES HE DID Ever issued an invitation - certain it wouldn't be accepted - and had the jolt of your life when it was? Then imagine Susan Pickhaver's reaction when she asked the international celebrity walking past her house in Penzance, England, if he'd like to come in for a minute ... and he did. "He's a perfect gentleman," she said after they chatted in the living room for awhile about her computer, stereo, and country-western tapes. Then Prince Charles said he really had to be on his way. He'd toured a job-training center and was heading back to his car when Mrs. P spotted him.


State Police arrived just in time to watch motorists on the New Jersey Turnpike spare them the trouble of gathering up money from an armored car whose rear door had sprung open. At least $2,200 was recovered. If there's more, nobody's saying.

Who trusts US courts most? New poll says it's Hispanics

The National Center for State Courts has released a survey in which US Hispanics showed the greatest overall satisfaction with the court system - even moreso than non-Hispanic whites. The poll included 1,200 randomly chosen people, plus 300 Hispanics and 300 blacks so it would "reflect the voices of the major groups in American society." Results were weighted to reflect US society - 12 percent black, 13 percent Hispanic, and 72 percent "whites and others." The percentage of each group who said they believe the following about US courts:

Hispanics are treated worse than other groups

Hispanics 33%

Non-Hispanic whites 47%

Blacks 60%

Blacks treated worse than others

Hispanics 42%

Non-Hispanic whites 42%

Blacks 68%

Courts make OK efforts to find adequate legal help for litigants

Hispanics 33%

Non-Hispanic whites 29%

Blacks 27%

- Associated Press

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