The emergency exits are where?

Do you watch the airline safety demonstration?

Not many people do.

But consider this: In a recent demonstration of airplane emergency evacuations for journalists in Denver, almost none of them were able to get out of the plane safely.

Situations were thrown at them - incapacitated flight attendants, blocked doors, etc., and most of them just stood at the doors in total confusion.

So the next time you fly, take the following steps:

1. After boarding, count the rows from your seat to the nearest exit. That way, if the plane goes dark, you can get out by touching the top of the seats and counting the rows to your exit.

2. Examine the exit windows and doors. How do they open? In which direction do the handles need to be pushed or turned?

3. Read the safety card. And listen to the demonstration - no matter how many times you have heard one. Planes come in a variety of models, and each model comes in different versions. As a result, safety procedures are likely to differ each time you fly.

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