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early man's tool box

london - New finds in northwest Kenya prove that human ancestors were making clever tools from stone as long as 2.34 million years ago. French scientists found about 2,000 stone splinters, from which they reconstructed more than 60 tools. It is the best-preserved evidence ever found for the creation of early stone tools, reports Helen Roche of the University of Nanterre, France, in Nature. Stones were worked using another stone as a hammer, which showed better craftsmanship than thought possible for that era.

People and pooches act alike

LONDON - Apart from being loyal and loving, dogs often match the personalities of their owners, says Stanley Coren. The author of "Why We Love the Dogs We Do" says extroverted, trusting men are best suited for clever dogs such as Dobermans or poodles. But retiring women should opt for independent breeds like greyhounds and Dalmatians. Coren questioned 6,000 dog owners about their personalities to try to match them with their perfect breed of dog.


Vietnam tightens grip

HANOI, VIETNAM - Vietnam's communist leadership has decided to strengthen state management of religious organizations after reviewing them at a national conference last week, said the official Vietnam News Agency. VNA gave no reason for the move or any explanation of how management would be strengthened. Some academics say Hanoi regards religious hierarchies as a threat to the Communist Party's rule.

Jerusalem for all

WASHINGTON - Major US Islamic organizations Monday formed the American Muslims for Jerusalem, (AMJ), an association that serves "to reiterate the profound attachment Muslims have to Jerusalem." AMJ says it wants to ensure, among other things, that all religious groups, especially Muslims and Christians, have access and can freely worship at holy sites in Jerusalem - one of the three holiest cities in Islam.

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