Words of note

My father was poor.... He thought that with music there was very little to do, and he thought better to be a carpenter. He was thinking seriously of that for me, but my mother said to him, 'This boy has a gift, and it is our duty to follow it.' She was a wonderful woman.

Pablo Casals, 20th-century

Spanish musician, composer, conductor

From 'Wisdom,' ed. by James Nelson (1958).

All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

From 'The Life of Abraham Lincoln,'

by Josiah Holland' (1866).

My mother was a pretty lady. I wish to kiss her all day but I have to go to school.

Tania Price, age 6

From 'Journeys: Prose by Children of the English-speaking World,' ed. by

Richard Lewis (1969).

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