Internet sitings

What: Quick access to quality job listings at some of the world's top companies - from Ernst & Young to Levi Strauss & Co. to America Online.

The best parts: More than 1,500 companies list their openings with

Start your job search by typing in what job you want and the city and state where you'd like to find it. The site then lists any openings that match your criteria.

You can also browse job listings by state or search for internships.

And job hunters can create and edit resumes that can be electronically sent to all companies listed.

If you register with the site, The Personal Search Agent feature automatically notifies you by e-mail of openings that might meet your requirements.

What you should know: The site is free. does not give headhunters or employment agencies your personal information.

How to get there: Make a career out of reading Work & Money, and we'll take you there:

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