So you want to make a movie?

On average, an independent film can be produced for $1,000 for every minute of footage. But some claim they can trim the budget further. Here's how one beginner mapped his costs for a 15-minute film:

First, he was able to borrow a 16-mm camera. (If you can spend $4,000 on a digital camera, you can save approximately $6,000 on buying and developing film stock, and buying a telecine - a projecting apparatus).

Editing free

Food $476

Prints and videos $2,200

Film Stock $2,000

Developing $1,300

Telecine $3,000

Still photos $200

City permits $450

Sound equipment $650

Sound men $100

Sound edit $500

Music $75

Car rental $250

LIghting equipment $125

Insurance $1,100

Costumes and props $650

Makeup $250

Titles $1,100

Copyright $20

How-to books $200

Total: $14,646

Credit: The Web site

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