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SCIENCE Higher noon

ITAHACA, N.Y. For the first time in history, scientists will send a sundial to another planet. Inscribed with the motto "Two Worlds, One Sun," the sundial will travel to Mars aboard NASA's Mars Surveyor 2001 lander. Pictures of the sundial, taken by the lander's panoramic camera after its arrival at Mars in January 2002, will reveal the passage of hours and seasons as the sun moves across the Martian sky. The sundial's central black, gray, and white rings and corner color tiles will act as a calibration target - a kind of test pattern - to adjust the brightness and tint of pictures taken by the camera.

Billy goats three

WASHINGTON - Researchers said Monday they had succeeded in genetically engineering goats to produce a human protein used to effect blood clotting. They had then cloned the goats. Three cloned females were born last fall - the first report of a goat being cloned, said the researchers from Tufts University, Louisiana State University, and Genzyme Transgenics Corp., based in Framingham, Mass.


Japan's maglev train breaks own world-speed record

TOKYO - A manned, magnetically levitated Japanese train broke its own world-speed record on a test run earlier this month, clocking 343 m.p.h., the train's developer said. The five-car train set the record on a test track near Kofu, said Hirotaka Kawana, a spokesman for Central Japan Railway Co. The previous record of 330 m.p.h. was set Dec. 12, 1997. Central Japan Railway Co. and Japan's Railway Technology Research Institute will decide by March 2000 whether to adopt it for use in future transportation projects.

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