Send us poetry in motion - bumper-sticker haiku

Two years ago we introduced a new kind of poetry contest. We asked readers to send us haiku appropriate for bumper stickers. The response was overwhelming: more than 3,000 poems from around the world. Last year's contest drew thousands of entries, too.

So here's another opportunity. Send us your traffic-stopping poems (no more than five per entrant, please). You choose the topic, but remember: You want to capture a mood, a moment, an image, and hint at larger universals. (It should work well on a car, too.)

Ideally, haiku contain lines of five, seven, and five syllables. But for this contest, perfect form is less important than language that moves.

We'll turn the top three poems into real bumper stickers. Every finalist, and as many other entrants as we have stickers for, will receive one of the winning stickers. But to get one, you must enclose a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your entry.

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