We'd love to see your Snapshots of the Century

There's still time to send us your snapshots of the 20th century for this Monitor feature. We hope to run the first installment next month, and future installments through November. But that depends on YOU.

Please send us pictures that evoke the age in which they were taken. Photos that show how people lived, shopped, ate, dressed, traveled, worked, and played. They might freeze a moment, tell a story, or have a compelling story behind them.

We've already received some delightful images. Do you have some that qualify? Could we take a look?

DO NOT send irreplaceable pictures. If you have a precious photo you'd like us to see, please send a good photocopy. If we like it, we will contact you about having a duplicate photo made.

If you DO send original photos, include a self-addressed envelope with proper postage so we can return the pictures to you. (You may also e-mail images to us.)

You may send as many as FIVE images per submission.

DEADLINE: To be considered for our first installment, photos must be postmarked by APRIL 30. We will publish a selection of photos in the Monitor and on our Web site (csmonitor.com).

Your reward for our choosing your image will be seeing it in the paper. (We'll send you extra copies!)

VIA E-MAIL: Please send JPEG files of up to 1 meg (160 dpi). Only ONE attachment per e-mail, please. Be sure to include the coupon information.

Send to: csmkamera@aol.com and a copy to: thomaso@csps.com

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