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What: An international airfare consolidation site. They negotiate contracts with certain carriers to offer airline tickets at discounted rates. You can find cheap, last-minute seats because some airlines don't require advanced booking.

The best parts: Travel economy looks for the lowest fares. You can go from New York to London for $225 or Dallas to Tokyo for $346. Enter the information about your travel plans and a list of the lowest fares will pop up. Book the one appropriate for you.

Also reserve hotels, rental cars, and even a spot on the Eurostar, which will transport you across the English Channel from England to France.

A link to the Weather Channel provides current weather reports of major international destinations.

What you should know: Depending on your travel plans, booking the cheapest flight may land you on some not-so-familiar airlines. Adult prices and children's can differ drastically, the former being more expensive. Fares are subject to change.

How to get there: Fly to the Work & Money Web site and we'll link you there first class:

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