Kids spell tax relief: J-o-r-d-a-n

When today's kids take to the basketball court, many pretend to be like Michael Jordan. Not only do they admire the superstar's hoops skills, they like his wallet too. Kids picked Mr. Jordan as the celebrity they'd most want to pay their families' income taxes.

And, according to an H&R Block survey, 65 percent of 8-to 11-year-olds believe that the Spice Girls pay more income taxes than Hanson, the musical trio of brothers from Tulsa, Okla.

Here's a glimpse of other amusing survey findings:

*71 percent of kids said that taxes are a good thing.

* 89 percent said taxing allowance would be a bad thing.

* 51 percent said that they would rather go to school year-round than pay taxes on allowance.

* 56 percent said that the Taco Bell spokes-Chihuahua would have to pay more income tax than Buddy, the president's dog.

* 63 percent said they'd rather pay taxes than give up television.

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