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Boulder, Colo., resident Jeff Bradley found in his mail a letter from Arizona State University, where his son, Truman, had applied for admission. But his pleasure on learning that Truman had been accepted was soon tested as he read: "Congratulations on 987-65-4321's admission." And, further on: "you will be a partner with the university in encouraging 987-65-4321 to succeed." (Truman's Social Security number has been changed for this item.) Replying in kind, the elder Bradley wrote: "Thank you for offering our son, 987-65-4321, or as we affectionately refer to him around the house - 987 - a position in the class of 2003 ..." A school official called the ultimate in impersonal letters a glitch. No word yet on whether what's-his-name will enroll there regardless.

What the 'Who's Who' say are their favorite books

Actors, athletes, writers, and political leaders have once again weighed in with their all-time favorites in the 12th annual "Who Reads What?" list by Glenna Nowell. By surfing the Internet and searching reference books, the Gardiner, Maine, city official tracks down celebrities for the survey, which she devised to help promote National Library Week (April 11-17). A few of the famous people and their books of choice from the current list:

George W. Bush (governor of Texas): "The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston," by Marquis James

Julie Christie (actress): "Seven Gothic Tales," by Isak Dinesen

Billy Graham (evangelist): Holy Bible

Alexander Haig (former secretary of State): "Politics Among Nations," by Hans J. Morgenthau

Jerry Lewis (actor/comedian): "The Fountainhead," by Ayn Rand

Shimon Peres (former Israeli prime minister): "In Light of India," by Octavio Paz

Jim Palmer (Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher): "The Era," by Roger Kahn

Cokie Roberts (TV journalist): "The Moviegoer," by Walker Percy

- Associated Press

Compiled by Robert Kilborn

and Lance Carden

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