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Here are the best prices available on five minivans. All vehicles listed are equipped with air conditioning, four doors, dual airbags, AM/FM cassette player, and antilock brakes.

CarBargains, which provides the data for "Drive a Bargain," is a new-car shopping service that, for $165, gets bids from five dealers in your area on the car you want (800-475-7283).

Prices include destination charges, customer rebates, and factory-to-dealer incentives, but they exclude fees and regional advertising expenses dealers must pay.

Amount over (+) Factory

Minivans Best Amount under (-) invoice

sticker price price factory invoice cost

Dodge Grand Caravan SE 2 WD

$23,455 $19,595 -$1,700 $21,295

Chevy Venture Extended

23,840 20,673 -950 21,623

Ford Windstar LX

24,240 20,861 -1,100 21,961

Pontiac Montana Extended

24,510 21,437 -800 22,237

Toyota Sienna LE

24,778 22,745 +1,000 21,745

Source: CarBargains

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