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BUT IT LOOKED JUST AS GOOD Last December, Italy's National Gallery of Modern Art proudly added a prized painting to its exhibits: Gaetano Previati's 1912 "Fall of the Angels." It is a triptych - a set of three panels - and there it hung as visitors stopped, studied it, and moved on. But not until earlier this month did anyone notice that one of the panels was mounted upside down. The error was pointed out by a group of students who compared Previati's work to an illustration in their guidebooks.

CORRECT THAT, DOGGONE IT! Speaking of art, there's much relief in New York that the city's newest public statue will conform to the law after all. Officials fretted because early photos of sculptor Jack Dowd's "Man & His Dog" - due to go on display in Tomkins Square Park April 10 - showed nothing connecting "Man's" hand with "Dog's" neck. That would set a bad example; the park holds a dog run, and violators of the ban on unleashed canines can be fined up to $1,000. Relax, Dowd said: He always intended a leash to be part of the work.

Web site managers, actuaries rated as having best jobs

Author Les Krantz used statistics from the Labor Department, the census, professional groups, and telephone surveys to identify the 250 most common jobs in the US and evaluate them according to income, stress, physical demands, potential growth, job security, and work environment. His "Jobs Rated Almanac" ranks US president No. 229 for three reasons: no room for job growth, stress, and its fixed salary. Professional baseball players (No. 202) and cowboys (No. 246) also rank low because the jobs make great physical demands and offer little job stability. The 10 jobs rated as best:

1 Web site manager

2. Actuary

3. Computer systems analyst

4. Software engineer

5. Mathematician

6. Computer programmer

7. Accountant

8. Industrial engineer

9. Hospital administrator

10. Web developer

- Associated Press

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