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WHAT: After a hard day of playing in the tree fort, your son comes in with his hands covered in tree sap. What do you do? Rather than making him scrub, slap on some mayonnaise and off comes the sap. This is just one of the hundreds of household hints that you'll learn here at Learn2.com

BEST POINTS: This exhaustive site includes everything from fixing your toilet to cracking a coconut. Did you know spraying cooking spray on the wall of your freezer will slow ice build up or that nail polish will help prevent a chip in your windshield from spreading? You name it, it's here. And if it's not, write to the Learnline and your question will be answered by those in the know. The writing is entertaining as well as practical. The 2torial section on the home page provides step-by-step tips on such diverse subjects as hiring a nanny to grooming your feline. The 2torial Top 10 tells you the ins and outs of such things as being the best man at a wedding and jump-starting a car. Other categories include: automotive, style and social graces, and family and pets. An excellent search engine looks for specific items you are interested in.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Some of the tips might work for the people giving them, but might not be the best advice for you. The site is a public service courtesy of Panmedia Corp., an online development company in Sausalito, Calif.

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