Town Meeting Day. No clique, no clan.

We'll solve our problems, man to man.

Opinions voiced in manner free;

Not yoked by edict or decree.


If each poor fellow across the sea

Could have Town Meeting same as we,

And all these folkses take our tip,

There'd be no fuss at the Gaza Strip.

And in this mode humanitarian,

'Twould pave the way for each Hungarian.

And by this means, I feel quite certain

'Twould melt away the Iron Curtain.

Yes, one plus one, and town plus town,

'Til the Kremlin walls came tumblin' down.


We'll conclude, in manner mild.

Our heart goes out to the Ladies' Guild.

Their good old-fashioned Meeting dinner

To my mind was an all-time winner.

Baked beans and CUSTARD pie, I mean,

And all the fixin's in between.

So here's a thank you that's sincere

And hope to see you all next year.

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