Versatility from your shop vac

Until recently, wet/dry vacuums competed almost entirely on the basis of power and size. But now you can blow leaves, pump water, attach them to power tools, or get quieter models. Here is a sampling of some features found mostly on mid-to-large sizes.

Feature Make/Model Tank Size/Power Price

Detachable blower Ridgid WD1650 16 gal./6HP $90

Shop-Vac 333-3200 6 gal./2HP $50

Low profile Craftsman Low-Profile 16 gal./6.25HP $130

Water-pumping Shop-Vac QPV 10 gal. $90 via garden hose

Quiet operation Shop-Vac QSP 16 gal./6HP $90

Eureka Quiet Kleen 13 gal./5HP $110

2-tank system Hoover Deluxe 12.5 gal./4.5HP $90-120

Light, portable Shop-Vac 1x1 1 gal./1HP $24

Craftsman compact 2 gal./1HP $30

Power tool compatible Craftsman Tool Vac 3 gal./6 amp. $150

Shop-Vac OnDemand 8 gal./3 HP $200

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