Internet sitings

what: a career management site with more than 300,000 jobs listed.

The best parts: The Web is loaded with job-search sites, but this one is different because it searches directly from job listings in leading newspapers and the Web sites of large employers.

You can be sure the results of your query will be up to date because no job listing remains on Careerpath's database for more than two weeks.

You can specify your job-search criteria, then save them. On future visits, access them to see if new jobs that match your career goals have been posted.

Company profiles are searchable by geography, industry, and keywords.

Companies can learn about potential employees by clicking on Rsum Connection. A few days after making a query, employers receive the rsums of qualified and interested job seekers who post their resumes on the site.

What you should know: Some major newspapers aren't represented. Newspaper ads that are used only come from recent editions.

How to get there: The Work & Money section will get the job done:

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