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SORRY THAT'S TAKEN The name Carol Moseley-Braun is proving to be no asset to political candidates in Illinois lately. First, the US Senate's first black female member lost her bid for reelection last November. Now a namesake has been told she may not seek an alderman's seat in Chicago. Moseley-Braun No. 1 wasn't pleased when the second woman legally adopted the name, complaining of "identity theft." Then the city's elections board weighed in, accusing Moseley-Braun No. 2 of trying to mislead the public and dropping her from the ballot.

15 finalists vie for election to Pro Football Hall of Fame Lawrence Taylor, who led the New York Giants to wins in two Super Bowls, and Marv Levy, whose Buffalo Bills lost four of them, are among 15 finalists - including seniors-candidate Billy Shaw - seeking induction this year into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Taylor, Levy, Eric Dickerson, and Howie Long made the list in their first year of eligibility. The hall's 36 selectors meet in Miami Jan. 30, the day before the Super Bowl, to elect four to seven new inductees. The 14 modern-era finalists:

George Allen (coach):

Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins

Eric Dickerson (running back):

Los Angeles Rams

Carl Eller (defensive end):

Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks

Ray Guy (punter):

Oakland Raiders

Marv Levy (coach):

Buffalo Bills

Howie Long (defensive end):

Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders

Tom Mack, (guard):

Los Angeles Rams

Ozzie Newsome (tight end):

Cleveland Browns

Dan Rooney (executive):

Pittsburgh Steelers

John Stallworth (wide receiver):

Pittsburgh Steelers

Lynn Swann (wide receiver):

Pittsburgh Steelers

Lawrence Taylor (linebacker):

New York Giants

Ron Yary (tackle): Minnesota

Vikings, Los Angeles Rams

Jack Youngblood (defensive end):

Los Angeles Rams

- Associated Press

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