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DOING THE WRITE THING the ceremony was solemn as members of the US Senate - watched by millions of Americans on TV - filed up to sign their pledge of impartiality in the impeachment trial of President Clinton. But the aura might have been a little less stiff if the solons had looked closely at the inscription on the black-and-silver pens they used. Imprinted on the Parker Vectors, most of which were quickly stuffed into pockets as historical mementos, were the words "Untied States Senator." A company official called the Senate a good customer and said the stylish pens will be reprinted to read "United." HERE WE GO AGAIN Speaking of politicians, if it's an election year, voters in Sioux Falls, S. D., can count on two things. Hal Wick (R), an airline pilot, and John McIntyre (D), a retired teacher, will oppose each other for a seat in the state House of Representatives, and they'll end up in a tie. They're in a third straight recount after last November's balloting, Wick was awarded the office in 1994 and 1996. '98 was a record-setter for college football attendance Home attendance at college-football games surpassed the 37-million mark last year for the first time in history, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Division 1-A schools, in accounting for almost 75 percent of the national total, had a record 27,674,217 home fans - an average of 42,510 a game and a jump of more than 100,000 in total attendance from the previous record, set last year. Attendance records were set in the Southeastern, Big 12, Big East, and USA conferences. The schools with the largest average attendance for the season: 1. Michigan 110,965 2. Tennessee 106,914 3. Penn State 96,532 4. Ohio State 93,502 5. Georgia 85,618 6. Florida 85,299 7. Alabama 82,670 8. Auburn 81,110 9. Florida State 80,490 10. Louisiana State 80,290

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