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Two new polls recorded continued public support for President Clinton. In a CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey, 63 percent said they opposed removing the president from office. In an ABC poll, the figure was 65 percent. Similar percentages (67 percent and 62 percent) gave Clinton favorable job-performance ratings. In both surveys, slightly more than 55 percent of respondents favored censuring the president. Former Sen. Bill Bradley (D) of New Jersey formally became a presidential candidate, quietly establishing a Bradley for President Campaign with the Federal Election Commission. Meanwhile Rep. John Kasich (R) of Ohio was expected to file papers with the FEC to form a committee for exploring a presidential bid. An official involved with the effort said Kasich plans to announce this step Feb. 15. US warplanes again attacked and hit missile sites in Iraq's northern "no fly" zone after being targeted by Iraqi radar, the Pentagon announced. Officials said the Iraqis fired at least one surface-to-air missile but missed US planes. The Pentagon said Iraq is becoming more aggressive in the restrict-ed areas - increasing the number of its missile batteries there from 9 to 17 since December. Iraq is reportedly using aircraft, including armed helicopters, to try to lure US and British aircraft into the range of those batteries. Advertisers regularly discriminate against minority-owned radio stations and stations that have large African-American or Hispanic audiences, the Federal Communications Commission said. An FCC study indicates stations owned by "majority" firms collect about 29 percent more revenue per listener than minority-owned stations with largely minority audiences. The report recommends a number of remedies - including new federal policies on acceptable advertising practices. Clinton was expected to propose a $2 billion initiative to help disabled Americans return to work by making it easier for them to keep their health insurance - and by providing tax credits and better rehabilitation services. The five-year program is the latest in a series of White House proposals previewing the budget Clinton is to submit to Congress next month. Gore was to announce an increase in the number of US empowerment zones aimed at pumping development into distressed urban and rural areas. Officials said 20 new projects would be added, bringing the total to 31. Miami and Boston were reportedly on the list of new empowerment zones, five of them rural. GOP senators said their role as impeachment-trial jurors would not keep them from working on legislation - and they plan to introduce their first bills of the new Congress next week. Assistant majority leader Don Nickles of Oklahoma said GOP priorities would include Social Security and Medicare reform, budget reform, tax cuts, and improving education. Police who seize someone's property during a search do not have to provide information on how to get it back later, the Supreme Court ruled. The court unanimously ended a West Covina, Calif., couple's lawsuit over the difficulties they experienced recovering cash taken by police during a search of their home.

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