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In more and more global conflicts these days, it's hard to tell friend from foe without a scorecard. But even more difficult is figuring out who's neutral. Too often, the Red Cross and other aid workers are targeted by combatants.

Israel's bracing for a flood of Christians expecting something to happen when the clock strikes the next millennium . Quote of note: "It's just a matter of telling them, 'You're not Elijah' and getting them back home." - David Parsons, International Christian Academy.

The euro has already shaken up the dollar-dominated world. Watch for pressure on Britain to join the euro-wagon.

- Clayton Jones

World editor


DOUBLESPEAK IN EUROLAND? When chief European correspondent Peter Ford rang his French bank to ask how he could benefit from the euro on his international trips, he was told that he would no longer be charged a currency-exchange commission on bills he paid abroad in euros with his credit card. Good news? Not really. The bank will charge a "service commission" instead, which will amount to almost exactly as much.

IN JERUSALEM: The new apartment of Jerusalem-based writer Ilene Prusher is in the Abu Tor neighborhood and provides that best possible seats for the millennium. Her balcony has a view of the Mount of Olives (including the Church of the Ascension, as well as the ancient cemetery where Jews believe the dead will rise up when the Messiah comes) as well as Abu Dis - the Arab village which negotiators have discussed as a possible capital for a Palestinian state. Colleagues often joke that she has front-row seats for the millennium and "The End": Either she'll get to see the arrival/return of the Messiah (or at least the people camped out on the Mount of Olives waiting for it) or a view of the next Israeli-Arab war.


NO SUDDEN MOVES: Journalists - and ordinary travelers - can encounter the same hazards faced by aid workers . A pocket-sized book published by the Paris-based Reporters Sans Frontires in cooperation with the United Nations can help. Along with schematic drawings of landmines and a section on dodging snipers is a list of precautions to take while passing a checkpoint. Some of the 10 tips:

Do not have an arrogant, submissive, or fearful attitude.

Do not switch off your engine.

Don't forget that someone may be able to understand your language.

Have passes from different factions but be careful not to show the wrong one.

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