A sticky path: Getting organized

Whatever happened to 1998??!!!

it was here just a minute ago, but now you can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's hidden in a dusty old folder, or still buried in your In Box, where you put it on Dec. 20, 1997.

Oh yeah ... and what about that list you made last January of things that:

1. You absolutely had to do.

2. You were determined to do.

3. Would make your life a precise, amazing, MACHINE.

4. Would bring about lasting peace in the Mideast.

It's around here somewhere, buried under those stacks of papers on your desk, or atop that cluttered bookshelf.

Well, I'm sorry, but 1998 is gone. Kaput. Adios. Ciao.

The task at hand now is to make sure 1999 doesn't get away from you before you've accomplished the things that you know are important, but which always seem to get crowded out by the things that are urgent.

And the way to do that is:


Of course, you already knew that. It's probably something you demand of yourself and promise your spouse, co-workers, and cat every week. And maybe the cat still believes you.

But, if you're like me, you're just too darned busy to get organized. Too much to do. Too many fires, too many tasks rushing in over the transom.

Not to worry. We're here to help. Now where did I leave that sticky note? Oops! there it is!

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