The Vote

We outlined at length Monday all the moral and practical factors we believe should drive congressional and presidential acts this week.

What's left to be said at this moment, as the House prepares to vote on impeachment, is vanilla simple.

To the people's representatives: Have the wisdom to vote your conscience. Focus on the current and future good of the nation. Peer down on your own motivation and decision as if through binoculars trained on America's whole history - from the Constitution onward into the future.

Have the courage to resist pressure - from interest groups, polls, or political martinets - while remembering the genuine needs of your constituents. Remember that your team is the nation not just your party, region, or ideological locker mates.

To the president: Speak the truth. Not because it will rescue you, but because it will liberate you.

To each citizen: Don't be fearful. America has stumbled many times in its history, but always learned something and moved on. It will do so now.

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