The Grinch who stole the cards

So what kind of sour puss is this guy Eric Evarts, anyway?

He writes for us, here at Work & Money, and is an otherwise decent sort. Shows up on time, doesn't complain much, has an adorable toddler with cheeks that make grandmothers everywhere swoon with pinch-o-mania.

But read his story, you'll quickly see that he seeks to rob us of that greatest of all American traditions - excess.

Eric's article not only suggests that we should budget for Christmas shopping, but that we should not use credit cards.

At all.

Not even if we:

Lack the cash,

To build the stash

Under the tree.

Ridiculous idea, but nonetheless one that may start to ring true when you find yourself jammed in the mall crowd this Saturday and stop to listen to the little drummer beat of Christmas carols that have somehow become a shopping march.

When, for example, did "O come all ye faithful" turn into "O come, overextend your family's financial well being"?

Does the song say;

"Hark the herald angels sing,

Glory to the shopping fling?"

I don't think so.

Maybe Eric's not such a Grinch. Maybe we should listen to his words when we hit the mall.

Maybe we should ponder Guy Halverson's story.

It makes a worthy point about spending in America - that this incredible economy and staggering stock market are tugging at the heartstrings of Americans and loosening their purse strings.

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