A career of stunning moments


By James L. Stanfield

National Geographic Society

168 pp., $40

Big, glossy publications are the keystone of the "photo reportage" genre. A National Geographic book takes us on a journey that unveils a hidden world, a journey that no matter how geographically close to home is hugely removed from our daily existence. Indeed, what many consider the strength of this genre is for others its own demise: the uncritical "exoticized" view of the world.

While many photographers around the world dream of becoming a member of the select few who showcase their work in this bastion of photographic tradition, James L. Stanfield has made it his life's work. For three decades, he has traveled the world and gained access to amazing moments to share on the glossy pages of National Geographic. He has covered more than 60 major assignments and worked on several single-subject books.

In "Eye of the Beholder," Stanfield takes us along the exciting path of his career and shares insight on his personal experience as the moments unraveled in front of his lens. This book is a good companion for those times when we sit back and allow imagination to get the best of us.

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