The struggle to retain identity


By Frederic Brenner

Harry N. Abrams

80 pp., $49.50


By Steve Lehman

Power House

160 pp., $39.95

In this juxtaposition of old and new, 14 Jewish families are photographed both before and after their immigration to Israel. Exile at Home explores the split cultural identity of Jews in Israel. Frederic Brenner's images thoughtfully examine the texture and value of a population that has a single spiritual identity but varied cultural histories. Brenner carefully leaves a number of questions of Jewish identity in Israel unanswered, while suggesting a powerful unity that lies below.

The struggle to hold on to Tibetan culture in Chinese-occupied Tibet is graphically represented in The Tibetans. Strong story-telling images are accompanied by thorough captions integrated into a well-planned design. Steve Lehman has represented the conflict and struggle of Tibetans beautifully by using dignified and honest portraits that illustrate the inspiration and energy vital to their survival.

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