Hottest toys in America

Here are some popular toys that are already selling out in US stores. Listed in alphabetical order:

A Bug's Life: Among the most popular of the Disney movie toys: A Bug's Life video game (Sony, $40) and Deluxe Talking Flik plastic doll (Mattel, $30).

Air Hogs: (Spin Master Toys, $40) A top-seller at specialty toy stores, the foam plane can fly around the yard after you fuel it with air.

American Girl: (Pleasant Company, $30 to $88) The dolls come dressed in period costumes or they can be made to order. The catalog company just opened its first store in Chicago.

Barbie: Happy Holidays Barbie (Mattel, $40) is the 11th annual holiday Barbie and is as much a collectible as it is a doll. Barbie Photo Designer Digital Camera and CD-ROM (Mattel, $70): Kids can shoot digital photos and then download them into the computer.

Bounce Around Tigger: (Fisher Price, $30) Based on the character in Winnie the Pooh, this plush doll will jump with a push of its torso.

Furby: (Tiger Electronics, $30) This interactive, Gremlin-like plush animal is already in scarce supply. The critters speak their own "Furbish" language and eventually speak English.

LEGO Mindstorms: (LEGO, $200) Lego building blocks go to a new level by allowing children to design and control their own robots, using a microchip that can be programmed through a personal computer.

Sesame Street: The Walk 'n Talk Friends (Tyco Preschool, $30) - Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster - will walk with your kids. The Radio Control Elmo and Puppy ($30) lets an Elmo doll tell his puppy to do all sorts of tricks.

Sing Along Blue: (Fisher-Price $20). This blue, plush puppy sings the theme song from the top-rated Nickelodeon television show "Blue's Clues." Also popular are Blue dolls and activity sets from Eden ($7-$20) and CD-ROMs from Humongous Entertainment ($28).

Teletubbies: (Eden about $8) These brightly colored plush dolls are based on the popular British television show for toddlers. Also popular is a talking line from Hasbro. ($25)

Video games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ((Nintendo, $70) - A novel with 3D action and role playing.

Crash Bandicoot Warped (Sony Playstation, $40) - The third title in the series. Crash travels through time with little sister and sets out to demolish the diabolical plans of Dr. Neo Cortex.

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