Monitor Quiz

Which Word?

1. Why don't we sing, 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Planet'?

2. Which one is in your wrist watch - a gem or a jewel?

3. If you doze off, are you snoozing?

4. If you draw a likeness of a friend, is it a cartoon or a caricature?

5. Which would be 'correct' to mail in the United Kingdom - a package or a parcel?


(1) Because planets don't twinkle. Planets shine by the reflected light of the sun, whereas stars shine (and twinkle) by their own light; (2) A jewel. A precious (or semiprecious) stone that's been cut and polished can be a gem or a jewel, but only a jewel is a special stone used as a bearing in a watch or other delicate instrument; (3) No. Doze refers to dropping off to sleep, whereas snooze refers to the actual period of sleep; (4) A caricature. This would be an amusing representation of a person, exaggerating his or her traits. The word comes from 'loaded portrait' in Italian. A cartoon is an oftentimes satirical illustration with a caption and not necessarily a portrait; (5) Parcels are goods wrapped in paper and ready for the post. A package is a bundle of things packed but not necessarily wrapped. The postal service welcomes 'mail and parcels.'

Sources: 'Room's Dictionary of Distinguishables,' by A. Room; Concise Oxford Dictionary; 'Cassell Guide to Related Words,' by E. Ehrlick and S.I. Hayakawa; World Book Dictionary.


In the Monitor Quiz of Oct. 1 ("The Name Is the Same," Page 8), we misidentified the person after whom the Baby Ruth candy bar was named. It was named after Ruth Cleveland, President Cleveland's daughter. She was 2 when her father began his second term (1893-97). Some say the confusion between Baby Ruth and baseball's Babe Ruth was intentional: That way, the candy company didn't have to pay royalties to the Bambino.

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