A Seventh-Grader Sizes Up The Disney Magic

A couple of thoughts came to mind when I saw the Disney luxury cruise boat in dock: Yikes, it's huge, bigger than Titanic! It's got everything I want! This is gonna be awesome!

When I got on board, things changed a little. It looks like a giant hotel lobby, and I couldn't even tell I was on a ship. But as I walked to our room, I could read one of the hundreds of cool facts about the ship. When I got there, I and my sister "toured" the ship on TV to see what we wanted to do.

Everyone knows that Mickey is the symbol of Disney, and trust me, you will see him everywhere. On board, you will experience the typical "everybody's happy" feeling around you. I didn't like the food in the restaurants, though the waiters were very cheerful and friendly. But you can do anything you can imagine, except fly, on this boat. I liked the video arcade, although many of the games were duplicates of one another. The shows every night were good and well-acted, although I thought they were more oriented toward little kids than older kids or adults.

There's something to do any time of the day, and it's easy to do stuff without your parents. As you go back to Port Canaveral, Fla., you will wonder if you will ever go back on a cruise that great again.

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