Young Viewers Judge 'Felicity'

What does the target audience for "Felicity" think of the new WB show? The Monitor asked college students in an undergraduate class at the Metropolitan State College of Denver ("Felicity" star Keri Russell's hometown) what they thought. Most of the women in the class liked the show, and most of the men didn't care much for it. Here are sample comments:

* I identify this show with my first semester at an out-of-state university.

* The show can be a help to college students who are lost or scared or don't know where to go in life. I identify with making one's own decision because I feel like I'm at the age where it is difficult to do this.

* Your peers, your parents, your future, all so confusing.... Like the dialogue in "Dawson's Creek," however unrealistic, is incredibly entertaining.

* I liked that Felicity isn't the popular girl with the perfect life. She has real problems and uncertainties....

* I didn't like the portrayal of the parents.... I get tired of the parents being the bad guys.

* This is definitely geared toward girls - teenage girls.

* I really don't care for the distressed-little-girl idea.

* Trite and banal.

* I have not owned a TV for several years ... now I remember why.

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