Don't Underestimate Republican Unity

Godfrey Sperling is entitled to his opinions about the Republican Party, but it needs to be pointed out that the views offered in his recent opinion piece "Flight of Republican Moderates" (Sept. 22) are in no way encumbered by facts.

Mr. Sperling asserts that a "split of exceedingly large and perhaps historic proportions is taking place within the Republican Party." His evidence? "At a recent Monitor breakfast the Democratic National Committee chairman, Gov. Roy Romer of Colorado" told him so.

The fact is the Republican Party is growing in both size and influence and is attracting a broad and healthy coalition.

This new Republican coalition is winning converts daily. Since Clinton moved into the White House an unprecedented 374 officials elected as Democrats have switched to the Republican Party. What's more, in recent years, America's voters have given Republicans control of the United States House and Senate. Republican governors now lead 75 percent of the nation's population in 32 states (up 16 from when Clinton first moved into the White House). Republicans are now at parity with Democrats in state legislatures for the first time in decades.

It is inevitable - and indeed useful - to have a lively debate within this new majority party. But debate should not be confused with division. Mr. Sperling asserts, wrongly, that "millions of Republicans" are leaving the party. Too bad that Mr. Sperling did not attend the Republican National Committee's most recent meeting in New York City. Had he been there, he would have seen conservative Republicans giving standing ovations to more moderate Republicans and moderate Republicans cheering conservative Republicans.

If this isn't unity, it's as close as you're likely to get in a major national party - and certainly preferable to what we see in the Democrat Party, now sharply divided between principled public servants like Sens. Joseph Lieberman and Daniel Patrick Moynihan (who have spoken out forcefully about the President's disgraceful conduct and the need to follow the rule of law), and those Democrats willing to trample on the truth and the Constitution in defense of the rule of Clinton.

Jim Nicholson

Washington, DC


Republican National Committee

Hillary Clinton's future

Regarding the article "First Lady as Mirror for America" (Sept. 23), since her childhood in Park Ridge, Ill., Hillary Clinton has shown a caring spirit and dedication to what she believes in.

As first lady, she tended to polarize the public with her early health care plan, but since then has performed an enormous service through her travels, championing the cause of women and children in less developed nations. And she has accomplished this while bringing up a daughter and supporting her husband

The question now is how can this nation take advantage of her many talents regardless of her husband's future? Let's hope she'll run for office or serve in a presidential Cabinet or with the United Nations. As the article states, Hillary Clinton can break down barriers for other women, whether they are first ladies or working mothers.

George A. Dean

Southport, Conn.

Praise for the press

The press in this country, including the Monitor, is doing an exceptional job covering the Clinton story - even if it seems at odds with the citizenry. Some of the public are just taking longer to recognize what you have to look at day after day in your role as part of the checks-and-balances system in our country. I hope you'll keep up the scrutiny so we can draw our own conclusions.

Katherine Warwick

Yarmouth Port, Mass.

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