Coupon 'Clicker' Not Clipper

If you're not ready to shop online, how about clipping coupons there.

SuperMarkets Online offers a Web site with coupons for as much as $50 off groceries - everything from turkey bacon to chocolate sauce for ice cream.

Compared with the paper-coupon industry - Americans redeemed 4.9 billion paper coupons last year - the online version barely registers.

But it's growing fast. SuperMarkets Online began the year with 20,000 users; now it has 400,000.

"We believe that the use of the Internet will attract people who normally don't clip coupons," says David Rochon, president and chief executive of the Greenwich, Conn., company.

To use the site, visit and punch in your zip code. Up pops a page of coupons with a single bar code. Or you can have the page automatically e-mailed every week.

Print out the page and use the coupons at the store - with one catch. The savings apply to your next purchase at that store, not the current one.

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