Landmarks for Women

Continued from yesterday.

1972:Congress passes the Equal Rights Amendment

Gloria Steinem launches Ms. magazine.

1973:The US military is integrated when women-only branches are eliminated.

1976The US Supreme Court establishes a woman's right to an abortion in Roe v. Wade, effectively cancelling anti-abortion laws in 46 states.

US military academies open admissions to women.

In a landmark law, marital rape becomes a crime in Nebraska.

1976:The Episcopal Church votes to allow the ordination of women as bishops and priests.

1977:Congress passes Hyde Amendment, eliminating federal funding for poor women's abortions. By 1995, only

13 states provide such funding.

1978:Michelle Barnes wins the first sexual-harassment lawsuit.

1981: For the first time, more women than men enter college.

1982:Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman US Supreme Court justice.

Equal Rights Amendment dies when it fails to gather enough state support.

1984: Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman vice-presidential candidate of a major political party (Democrats).

1986: The US Supreme Court declares sexual harassment is a form of illegal job discrimination.

1996: US women have their most successful summer Olympic Games (19 gold medals, 10 silver, 9 bronze).

1998:The US Supreme Court affirms that the male-only policy of the state-supported Virginia Military Institute is unconstitutional.

Eileen Collins becomes the first woman named to command a space shuttle mission.

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