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The fans have spoken and the results are in. Baseball's best will compete at Denver's Coors Field next Tuesday in the 69th All-Star Game. A complete list of the starting players appears to your left.

Q: Who coaches the AL and NL teams?

A: The American League and National League squads are led by the managers of the previous season's pennant winners. This year, Florida Marlins manager Jim Leyland will coach the NL side, while Cleveland Indians manager Mike Hargrove will lead the AL side.

Q: How are the eight starters picked?

A: With a nationwide poll that fans can respond to from May 2 through June 21, either at the ballpark or on Major League Baseball's Web site. Fans only participate in choosing the starting lineups (except pitchers) for both leagues. The two All-Star team managers and the league presidents pick the remainder of the rosters, including pitchers.

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