'Broadway Joe' Now on TV

Almost 30 years ago, Joe Namath became one of the most popular characters in sports by leading his New York Jets to victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III (1969). The drama of the upset win, coupled with Namath's bold prediction of victory days before, helped make the Super Bowl the mega-event it is today.

"Broadway" Joe is still among the most famous names and faces in football, according to a spokesman for NFL Properties, for which Namath does promotional work.

In the past year, Namath has unveiled new uniforms for the Jets, promoted NFL corporate sponsors at the Super Bowl, and participated in the debut of NFL products with a toymaker.

Namath lives in Florida with his wife, Tatiana, and their two young daughters. In the summer, he runs a football camp for players aged 8 to 18. Namath appears on ESPN Classic Sports and on the CBS Sportsline Web page.

And last season he even appeared as his cartoon self on "The Simpsons."

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