Walking the Dog

bringing out the leash -

Tule tries to dance

out of his skin

dogs behind their fence

bark and shrill as we walk by -

Tule doesn't look

Tule forgets why

he spent so much time sniffing

that one dull bush

Tule, sitting down,

leans against my leg -

a good part of life

out of the water

Tule rushes up to me

to shake it off

back out of the lake

the water on his belly

all trotted off

Tule, shaking off

the lake water, leaves his ears

inside out

on my walk today

led on a tight leash

by a big black dog

Tule shakes himself -

rain flies off - his big soft ears

beat his cheeks and head

Tule barked at

through all the rain-streaked windows

by indoor dogs

crossing the garden

Tule tramps down young onions -

his eyes say, "I'm here!"

on our walk round the block

only one mud puddle left -

Tule walks through it

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