'I Pity the Fool' Who Doesn't Remember Mr. T

Anthony Ford of San Francisco asks, "Whatever happened to Mr. T?"

Fortunately, Mr. T still sports the mohawk. He still parades the gold chains (valued at more than $300,000). And his arms are still bigger than oak trees.

Unfortunately, Mr. T doesn't act anymore. He's living large in Los Angeles off the residuals of the 1980s TV series "The A-Team" (now syndicated).

"T's not pursuing any acting work," says close friend Bill Caplan. "He'll do cameo appearances

now and then, but he can't dedicate his time to those sorts of things."

For the past four years, Mr. T has kept a low profile because he's been struggling to overcome a serious health problem, which Mr. T says is the toughest battle he's had to face.

Caplan says Mr. T is very religious and up-beat. He spends a lot of time visiting children in hospitals and with people who he says "need hope."

Mr. T became one of Hollywood's roughest, toughest dudes when he starred opposite Sly in "Rocky III." You might remember the infamous line he intimidated Rocky Balboa with before their second bout: "I pity the fool."

Another memorable Mr. T one-liner: "I believe in the Golden Rule - the man with the gold rules."

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