Welcome, Spring

Geranium Kiss

Pulled curtains

let a fair wind ride,

clear a view of light-green trees.

In five springs at this address

the changes are the same:

forsythia, jonquils, scarlet tulips,

magnolia petals like nature's makeup,

an old stumpy tree

hoisting a few branches

topped by bobbing white blossoms,

more gold bushes.

Geraniums - the geranium kiss

smeared on backyards,

and long-nosed lilacs

sniffing at bees.

Paul Marion

Spring Sunday

So you think you know

something about Sunday?

Have you seen a bee hover,

now that the snow is gone, scanning

awakened earth for signs of spring?

So you have heard the yard broom

scratch, seen one April day break

away from the winter gloom.

Three black visitors "caw!"

Being here this spring day,

they've earned a place in New Hampshire

pasture; they are the bells calling us

to church, to God, this April morning.

Frank Anthony

even the strong oak

reaching up to catch the moon

cannot keep it long

Del Todey Turner

Poem No. 86

Spring day;

my love


Before we

met, the

winter had

no end

Carl A. Wertman

In Praise of Spring

I fill the round blue bowl

of morning with silence

broken only

by the soft silver speech of birds

in the dogwood's bare branches.

Under the radiant veil

of this spring sky

I imagine

the stars shining.

Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Jonquils are first to

light spring's candle. Behold gold,

filched from sun's coffers!

Louise E. Larrabee


in bare apple tree -

false alarm

Andrea Vlahakis

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