Henry Hayward, Unflappable Global Reporter and Editor

Henry S. Hayward, who passed on last week, long played a leading role in the Monitor's global coverage. He served as overseas news editor (twice), as a correspondent on three continents, and a war correspondent during the Korean War.

It was during the latter assignment that office colleagues recall a typical example of Hayward determination and aplomb. A dispatch he started to file amidst retreating troops under heavy artillery barrage in frigid North Korea emerged fitfully on the home office teletype machine. Asked whether he could meet the day's deadline, Hayward replied: "Typing fast as can with down mittens on small keyboard. Typewriter keeps slipping off icy jeep hood. Don't worry. Copy arrivest on time. Ellenkay. Hank." ("Ellenkay" was cable-ese for L&K, love and kisses, the semi-sardonic sign-off correspondents inserted to remind home office types who was doing the hard work.)

Fresh out of Harvard College, Mr. Hayward started his career in 1939 as a writer for Monitor radio news. His radio persona was both blunt and reassuring, a style that led audiences in later decades to compare him to popular broadcaster Arthur Godfrey. The two had sound-alike voices.

After military service in World War II, Hayward returned to the Monitor. He covered formative sessions of the United Nations in New York, disarmament meetings in Geneva, and crucial Italian elections during a challenge from that nation's Communists. In 1949 he became acting foreign editor, and in1952 went to Tokyo for his first overseas posting. He also reported from Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Africa.

From 1954 to 1961 he covered Europe from his post as London bureau chief. He then returned to Boston to become overseas news editor, unflappably supervising world coverage for the rest of the turbulent '60s.

At the end of his career he relished the job of training young journalists to become future editors and correspondents. In retirement, he continued a teaching role, chairing popular panel programs on foreign affairs from Florida to Illinois and Michigan.

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