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Did you know that acts of love can touch others in far-reaching ways? Even a simple act of kindness is impelled by a power that is higher than our own. It can regenerate consciousness and transform lives. It can melt away - heal - mental and physical turmoil.

Love with a capital L is another name for God. Other synonyms for God are Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, and Truth. The Science of Christianity, by which Christ Jesus healed, describes God by these names.

The symptoms of illness vanish, often in an instant, through the expression of divine Love. Like the sunshine, Love's light and warmth can be felt. The light of God shines in consciousness, whereby everyone can discern and feel it.

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, states, "Love is reflected in love" (Pg. 17). The love of God is reflected in thoughts and acts that are inspired by His great love for all of His children. Our very identity is that of His spiritual image. "Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way" (Science and Health, Pg. 454).

Recently I was talking with a neighbor of mine who was in poor health and also in need of financial help. She was very depressed. The bill collectors had been calling. After our conversation, I went to pick our son up from work. I mentioned to him that this neighbor could use our help. Immediately he responded. He cashed his check for two weeks of work and gave the neighbor the entire amount. He told her that it was a gift and that everything would be all right.

A few days later, our son was feeling quite ill. He also had become somewhat upset about the neighbor's apparent lack of appreciation, as her complaints about her situation continued. He felt that he had made a mistake and that his act of kindness had been wasted. He was suffering with fever, congestion, and so forth, and this was the second day he'd stayed home from work.

Then a wonderful thing happened, which showed that all sincere kindness has healing power behind it. I received a card from another woman. She had recently been physically incapacitated. But that card was filled with good news about her family and showed loving interest in our family. The note was quite lengthy, and by the handwriting I could see that this woman had had to labor to write out each kind word. The amount of time spent was obviously extensive, and I was filled with a warm and glowing, even thrilling, feeling of God's love, which shone through this caring correspondence. This woman loved enough and cared enough to forget herself and her physical condition.

Love now filled my consciousness - and filled our house, too. And the power of this love healed my son, immediately. All the symptoms of flu disappeared. Moreover, he had no more animosity toward the neighbor who had appeared less than appreciative.

Then this neighbor came over with something for each member of our family. She had gone through her house and asked God what she could give. She explained that these gifts were from God. Later she told me a job opportunity had come her way. Soon after, someone unexpectedly sent our son a generous check in the mail. It was equal to a week's work. This gift was in recognition and appreciation of his caring attitude toward others.

A person's acts of love show that he or she truly does love. Moreover, they have healing power because they reflect God's love. These acts show other people that they are not alone, because God's care is everywhere, just waiting to be received and expressed. The light of God replaces shadows of doubt, fear, discouragement, and discontentment with joy, love, hope, life. As it warms the heart, it brings mental and physical healing.

Discussing Christian Science, or the laws of God, divine Truth and Love, Science and Health explains, "Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies" . This is the light that can purify lives.

You can read in-depth articles about the power of Love in a monthly magazine, The Christian Science Journal.

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