The Jailed Spy Who's Still Out in the Cold

When it comes to the spy business, one the biggest bones of contention between Israel and the United States remains the case of Jonathan Pollard, an American granted Israeli citizenship in 1995.

A US Navy intelligence analyst, Mr. Pollard was arrested in 1985 and subsequently sentenced to life without parole for passing information about the Iraqi weapons program to the Israeli government. Israel and many American Jewish groups have been asking for President Clinton to pardon him, since the life sentence is more severe than that of any other American who passed information to a US ally.

But many in the US intelligence community are firmly against a pardon, maintaining that Pollard has knowledge that could compromise US security if he is released.

Pollard and his wife, Esther, have been appealing to Israel's high court to have him recognized as an Israeli agent, which they feel would force Israel to work on behalf of his release.

On Tuesday, his court petition was delayed another 60 days as a committee mulls over a decision on that recognition.

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