Helping the 'Patron Saint of Animals'

Thank you for the wonderful article, "Harlem's Patron Saint of Animals" (Jan. 13). Chitra Besbroda is truly an example of moral courage. I was so inspired by this article, I want to contribute to her organization, Sentient Creatures. Would you please provide her address? I'm sure there are others who would like to help such a selfless cause.

Cathy Woodworth

Sonoma, Calif.

Mrs. Besbroda's commitment, love, and dedication show us once again how actions speak louder than words. Her expression of God's love blesses all creatures.

Martha Anderson

Michigan City, Ind.

Editors Note: Mrs. Besbroda's address is:

Sentient Creatures, Inc.

P.O. Box 765

Cathedral Station

New York, NY 10025

Your letters are welcome. Mail to "Readers Write," One Norway St., Boston, MA 02115, fax to 617-450-2317, or e-mail to oped@csps.com

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