Exhibit Has Kids Climbing Walls

How did they make that bridge explode so realistically in "True Lies"? Or film that whale in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"? A touring exhibit created by the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles lets museum-goers see how these and other special effects are achieved. Visitors can also try out some of the effects.

The Batman Wall, for example, is really a floor. A matte painting and a tilted camera complete the illusion.

As for the exploding bridge and the whale: Models were used. A small model bridge was blown up (real explosives) and filmed at high speed. When the film is shown at normal speed, the explosion takes longer and looks real. A whale model was filmed one frame at a time for the Star Trek movie.

The exhibit opens Feb. 6 at the Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) Museum of Science and Discovery, through April 26.

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